About me

Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer Van Damsel!

Well, what are some things about me, anyways?
I talk… a lot. I drink a lot of coffee, I go on tangents forever; I am very forgetful (I future apologize for anything I forget! Please remind me haha). I get distracted easily and I’m sure there’s about a million other things I could put here but, mostly I am VERY shy! It might not seem like it from the way I type but, it’s true! I get so embarrassed trying to make cute or sexy videos!
Okay, so I’m pretty much just a big nerd that loves pen and paper games, RPGs, “vidja” games, tabletop games, Magic the Gathering, movies, music, food, comics, cosplay, photography, art, rainbows, animals, glitter, goth, fashion, drama (in art, not people hahaha)… well, just about everything. Mostly, I love to work, because my work is all of my passions put together!

My work
I have been cosplaying since May of 2012 and photographing my own work since 2017 (yes, I am also the photographer for 95% of my photos!). I worked for a comic book publisher named Overground Comics (check them out too!) for 3 years but, now, creating costumes, designing sets, photography, traveling to conventions, and running my Patreon are my full time job!

Become a Vandal!

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