Black and White

Black and White

And to go opposite of my post on social media today (gothy Wednesday Addams), heres an all white lingerie look – my Moon Elf Priestess! OMG and im still doing the hand to face pose 🤣 go figure! I think this was my first real fantasy theme I shot myself and I’ve been wanting to do more elves ever since ! Maybe a sun priestess to go opposite of this ! I really love duality and it’s been a goal of mine to one day two a combo shoot with me being both parts. But that would be so much work so I really need to prepare ahead of time ! It’s hard to find the time to get all of the big projects I want done because there are so many small projects I want to do too ! And I always want everything to be perfect so that makes everything take more time. And ugh somtimes I try not to stress about doing things perfectly and just having fun with it and going with the flow… and I regret it every time! 🤣🤣 I always see all of the flaws and think IF ONLY ID TAKEN A LITTLE MORE TIME! Okay but don’t take TOO MUCH time or then you will never be finished 😬 it’s a delicate balance really haha. I think a little prep can go a long way actually and I need to try and remember that! I just get so excited to do stuff as quickly as possible 🤣 I’m very impatient unfortunately… Anyways! We are way off track here! Haha. ABOUT MY ELF! This photo is one of my favorites I have ever done even though it’s pretty old now 😄 I’m sure I’ll be adding some of this set to my Gallery once I have the time!

Also just want to say thank you so much to those of you following this blog already! I still dont know what’s going to happen here but I appreciate your support and willingness to go along with whatever shenanigans 🤣

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  1. JoelXero says:

    You are just the queen of hand to face pose haha. We’ll just leave it at that hah. I mean I would understand every cosplay artist felt the same way cause they want to realize the best content they can. Some ppl can get carried away or say, “I pay you this kind of content and it looks cheap or doesn’t have enough creativity, blah blah, etc.” And I’m sure it hurts them to hear feedback like that. Not saying like today or recently but I can bet there were some negative back then. And that is where the stress comes in and at a point the artist are not having fun at all. Every cosplay female artist that I follow have put a lot of hard work and of course have extra help so they could spend more time on their costumes or other projects. Though you should feel special especially trying out new things to make your work much better and learning how to improve your camera shots and editing skills. I wouldn’t think perfection or impatient would play much a factor to you, but you sure do go the extra mile of giving out the best content and honestly do believe that is your speciality. It’s a gift yet a curse haha because you need it to be really good. When we know your absolutely great with your creativity but there has to be something you could have done much better. There is nothing wrong it that but I never want you to feel stressed out at any point. I feel this year has been a great amount experience for you to learn how to make things so much better and simpler for you that it is only gonna get much easier for you. I admire the person you are today and deserve all the credit in the world for handling sooo many things on your own 😊

    • JoelXero says:

      Correction: I meant to say we know you are absolutely great with your creativity ideas but there will always be that moment you wish you could do better and there is nothing wrong with that. Just shows you want to get better at it but sometimes great is still perfect enough. No need to pressure or stress yourself for better results ya know.

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