Well I think this is the perfect photo to go with the one I posted yesterday to social media to finally reveal Magnum. BUTT (haha I’m dumb 🤣) Instagram gets very upset with me now when I post pictures of my booty 🤣 So thank you very much for coming all of this way just…
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Black and White

And to go opposite of my post on social media today (gothy Wednesday Addams), heres an all white lingerie look – my Moon Elf Priestess! OMG and im still doing the hand to face pose 🤣 go figure! I think this was my first real fantasy theme I shot myself and I’ve been wanting to…
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Gimme. Dat. Biscuit.

I wish I was eating this right now 😭 Editing photos on my phone and I scroll past this photo of my breakfast from the other day. At midnight. Total. Torture. #feedme #thatbiscuitthough #withcoffee

OMG My First Blog Post!

Okay but for real though, I have no idea what I’m doing 🤣🤣 omg I cant believe that is the first sentence I will ever say on my brand new website haha. But its true! Much like everything else I do, we are going to start this off right – TRIAL AND ERROR! 🤣🤣 I…
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