Well I think this is the perfect photo to go with the one I posted yesterday to social media to finally reveal Magnum. BUTT (haha I’m dumb 🀣) Instagram gets very upset with me now when I post pictures of my booty 🀣 So thank you very much for coming all of this way just to see it because I am very proud of it! I work out at least twice a week to help make it big and strong πŸ€— honestly I should work out more than that but I’m just too lazy most days haha. I just started trying out yoga too! And I did just get a new squat rack I am super excited to try! I havent put it together yet though 🀣 yeah that’s how excited I am haha. It’s been sitting in my living room in pieces for a few days. But in my defense, I need to clean and organize the room it goes in first before I can and i just havent had the time! I’ve been busy, I promise… and not JUST procrastinating 🀣🀣

Backstage Level 3 Vandals get access to more sexy Derek Zoolander as one of their Exclusive set of images this month πŸ–€

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  1. JoelXero says:

    That’s how many Jenn’s butt spam I need in life!! 😁 haha! And damn IG for taking away our precious haha.

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