OMG My First Blog Post!

OMG My First Blog Post!

Okay but for real though, I have no idea what I’m doing 不不 omg I cant believe that is the first sentence I will ever say on my brand new website haha. But its true! Much like everything else I do, we are going to start this off right – TRIAL AND ERROR! 不不 I dont know anything about blogs or websites or you know, internet stuff, but I’m excited to get my toesies wet! OKAY BUT I NEED TO SAY, THE WEBSITE IS NOT DONE YET! There is still some weird and random generic text and photos flying around. And I still need to add my Photo Gallery! And I’m shooting the Cover Photo this month ! So yeah, lots more coming soon!

What kind of stuff do you think I should post here? Besides sexy pictures, of course 中 Because Insta really hates those now haha. Oh and dont forget to Subscribe if you want a notification of when I post!

Thanks for checking it out!

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  1. JoelXero says:

    Well I can think of others even though we got the Jenn and Jenny b拎奔ies covered haha. All the traveling and fan photos from convention events. Your art sketches or drawings you wanted to do. Favorite movies/tv shows/entertainment news. Video games related (but maybe discord takes care of that but it be cool to share blogs, news, etc. here), favorite cosplay designs, Food talks hahaha. You can talk about Cooking/Baking recipes. Pretty much what I can think of top of my head hah but I mean it is interesting ideas and hope I didnt forget anything else that is your favorites. Anything you can do or think of will still be wonderful and great things to read or discuss, it will still catch my attention even though the Jenn already conquer that 不不不. Good luck with the new website and I love the new JVD logo

    • Omg the boobies with the donut emojis 不 thanks for giving me some ideas ! I just posted a yummy food one 中中 now I’m hungry haha. IM GLAD YOU LIKE THE LOGO! You will be seeing it a lot this month

      • JoelXero says:

        Yay!!! Yea I couldn’t find a good emote for the b拎奔ies so I went will donuts and you like donuts haha. I’m excited for this

  2. Tonez says:

    I mean you can post about anything. You can post future con schedules. Picture of the tortoro (baby goat) which is most likely it a baby anymore. After you go on a vacation you can post some pics and talk about it. Food you love? Talk a little bit about your DnD campaign with your friends. Movies you loved, concerts you went to. I can probably go on forever but Ill cut it there

  3. Geo says:

    The new site layout looks much more intuitive, I remember the old one being…variable. Hopefully the older photo sets be reappearing in the new gallery, but maybe consider staggered uploads rather than a large-scale upload. That would allow people to revisit your previous work regularly for a while, or discover it for the first time without a major archive excavation in the case of new fans?

  4. Geo says:

    The new website interface is much more functional and intuitive, I remember the old one being…variable. Hopefully as you fill out the site, we’ll see older photo sets appearing in the new gallery. My suggestion is that you could stagger those sets rather than hit out with a huge upload, this would be a good excuse for people to revisit your older work, or in the case of new fans check it out without a major archive excavation.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I think that sounds like a really great idea, to release them little by little. There are a lot of things that wont make it onto the new website. I mostly want to focus on my work as the photographer as well, so I want 90% of the photos on here to be the ones I shot. But theres still plenty of those of course ! And thank you for visiting the old site and letting me know you like this one better so far ! I’m using a different template and I just tried to pick the easiest haha.

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