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What’s up, Vandals?!?!? JVD here! ♥

Wow, it’s been a super long time since I had an online store - over 2 years! It’s actually been over 1.5 years since I released any new prints at all! That’s insane! So I have tons of new Never Before Seen prints, including Online Exclusives, Special Print Bundles, and Limited Edition stuff.

Plus for every $40 you spend, I’ll throw in a Bonus Limited Edition 4x6 print, up to a maximum of $520! Sorry - Digital content purchases only qualify for this bonus if you ordered at least one physical item!

Please keep in mind that all prints and merch are Pre-Order only! Shipments will go out in early December. 

If you can’t wait, check out my Digital Sets! This is my first time EVER releasing past digital content, so of course I had to pick some of my faves!

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!!!!!! This would not have been possible without the JVD CREW! They are helping me with this very store, making some of my merch, helping me keep organized while packing and shipping! Seriously. They are the only reason this is happening! So if you really appreciate them too, get your prints ♥Vandalized!♥, and I will personalize all of your prints as well as sign them!

My store will officially open Friday, October 15th at 7pm until Friday, October 29th at 9pm. You can get all of the latest news and updates by following me on my socials!

Twitter: @jennvandamsel

Instagram: @jennifervandamsel

Facebook: Jennifer Van Damsel

You can also join my Free OnlyFans to get my latest digital sets as they release, bonus Behind the Scenes of my current projects, and Exclusive content only available there!

You guys are totally awesome, and I’m so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends around me! Everything you see here has been a very long time in the making. Years, in fact. It’s been really great putting this store together for you… and WITH you! Seriously, none of this would exist without the Vandals! Thank you all so much!


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