Private Digital Commission *DEPOSIT*
Private Digital Commission *DEPOSIT*
Private Digital Commission *DEPOSIT*
Private Digital Commission *DEPOSIT*

Private Digital Commission *DEPOSIT*

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This listing is for a $250 DEPOSIT on a Private digital commission of at least 30 Unedited images that will be for-your-eyes-only. You will also receive 3 private Thank You sign selfies.

Private Digital Commissions Start at $500 - Your Deposit will go towards the final total, and the remainder will be due by 2 weeks after I have e-mailed you and let you know that I have finished your Commission. After the final amount due is paid, I will send your Full Digital Set.

After you purchase this listing, I will e-mail you, and we will discuss your ideas via e-mail for a non-cosplay lingerie or outfit, makeup, and other details you are interested in. No cosplay.

Upgrades, such as undressing from outfit to lingerie, cosplay, and Artistically Edited photos are available! 

  • Undressing From Outfit To Lingerie : $200 ( You will also receive more than 30 images )
  • Cosplay : $200 ( Closet Cosplay ONLY ) 
  • Artistically Edited Photos : $150 ( The entire set edited with full color and light corrections )


  • This particular set of photos is from a Commission valued at $650 ( $500 + Artistically Edited Photos )

                              *** NO REFUNDS ***

* I reserve the right to refuse your ideas if it something I am not comfortable with.

* I reserve the right to use the outfit, lingerie, and/or set for a high resolution photoshoot which will be used to post to my Photography Portfolio and make prints for my store.

** This could take me a while to return the finished photoshoot! I will keep you updated via e-mail on progress!

E-mail me with any other questions you might have before you purchase this listing !